The DFX team is back from Portland and Chris Lee joins us for a recap of Autodesk’s Fusion 360 Academy. We met a few DFX listeners and a whole Marvel Universe of our favorite Instamachinist super heroes. We talk about all the good stuff coming to Fusion later this year and in 2020.


Matsuura custom fixture developed using Generative Design in Fusion 360 -

Chris Lee ( on IG) -

AvidCNC (@avidcnc on IG) -

Ed Rees (@spacelyguitars on IG) -

Tom Zelickman (@tjzelick on IG) -

Aaron Powter (@dctteacher1 on IG) -

Angelo Juras (@the_true_croatian_sensation on IG)

Tim Paul (@oneeartim on IG)

Al Whatmough (@awhatmough on IG) -

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