Join us for this AU2018 Roundtable with special guests Al Whatmough from Autodesk, Marvin Groeb from Kern Microtechnik and Dann Demazure from Datron Dynamics as we discuss what's in store for Autodesk Fusion360, generative design, and other Autodesk manufacturing tools, the factory of the future and the story behind the crazy Datron longboard. All on this episode of The Digital Fabrication Experiment recorded on site at AU2018.

Al Whatmough, Autodesk - @awhatmough on IG -
Dann Demazure, Datron Dynamics - @igsdann on IG -
Marvin Groeb, Kern Microtechnik - @marvgro on IG -
Thomas Hanks, Datron Dynamics - @thanks782 on IG -
Laurens Wijnschenk-Mauritsz - @laurenswijnschenk on IG -
Datron Longboard -
John Grimsmo - @johngrimsmoknives -
Erik Grimsmo - @erik_grimsmoknives -
John Saunders - @saundersmachineworks -

Marvin Groeb’s AU2018 session on Adaptive Clearing

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